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Joana Rafael (b.1979) is an architect, researcher, lecturer and ghostwriter, currently based in Porto, Portugal. Works between architecture, (issues of) ecology, material culture and technology. Teaches Contextual Studies and Contemporary Culture-related courses, and is a member of ISPUP (Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto) and CEGOT (Center for Studies in Geography and Spatial Planning). Joana is also a certified farmer.

Mres thesis About


Research Architecture, Goldsmith, London


Coll[]sion focus on the relation between two, seven days interval, event-accidents that happened one in the deep Sea other in the Outer Space. Both presented as remarkable misfortunes and constructed as paradigmatic chance opened door to the recognition of failure and to attempts to overcome (or improve) if not to silence and/or deceive: collusion able to be transformed in collusion. Positioning schemas of military behavior, privilege of relation to space and standards for prevailing tecno-scientific developments to be socio-constructed, transformed or (re)invented, this work inquires how international and relatively free spaces are produced and by what means they interconnect forms of governance and / or dispute.

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